Your Asset Allocation

We use the results of your asset allocation questionnaire to help establish the right asset mix for you.

We offer 3 different asset allocations, based upon your tolerance for taking risk in your technology stock selections.

  1. Our Income Asset Allocation consists of 40% of assets in A rated corporate bonds and corporate preferred stocks, 40% of assets in government bonds, and 20% of all assets in technology stocks.
  2. Our Balanced Asset Allocation consists of 33% of assets in A rated corporate bonds and corporate preferred stocks, 33% of assets in government bonds, and 33% in technology stocks.
  3. Our Equity-Income Asset Allocation consists of 60% of assets in technology stocks, 20% in corporate bonds and preferred stocks, and 20% in government bonds.

The bonds and preferred stocks that PCM selects for your asset allocation goals tend to be very stable, and generally are not candidates for active management.

If your asset allocation results describe a tolerance for high risk, you would be eligible for investments in private technology stock offerings and real estate private investment offerings.

Because they do not have public prices, the private technology stocks and private real estate offerings are not computed as a part of your asset allocation goals, described in the PCM Investment Advisory Agreement.

If you invest in private offerings, your assets would be held at Folio Institutional, in computer book entry form, which allows you to see your private offerings in your account.

One benefit of the Folio service offering for holding your private securities is their ability to facilitate private market transactions in private securities.