Tax Advantaged Compensation Plans

We Provide Advice on Conventional Retirement Plans And Special Customized Executive Compensation Plans

As professional money managers, with a patented method for managing investment accounts, we manage the investment assets of all types of conventional retirement plans.

  • Company retirement plans.
  • Individual IRAs and SEP/IRAs.
  • Company 401ks and individual roll-over 401ks.

In addition to managing the investments of plans, we can work with outside professional advisors to set up new plans or transfer existing plans to other custodians.

Your company retains us by signing our investment advisory agreement, that describes that our fee for providing investment advice is 3% of the assets under management.

The first step in retaining us as your investment advisor is to read our ADV investment disclosure document.

Customized Executive Compensation

Most small technology companies reach a transition point in their growth cycle when they need to bring in special executives to manage parts of the business.

It is difficult to find the right fit, and difficult to offer the executive compensation package that entices the new executive to join your team.

We work with you, your CPA, your attorney and the new executive, to come up with the right compensation plan. Often, the plan involves a combination of deferred comp. special executive bonus for reaching targets, and golden handcuffs for sticking with the company.

When your company gets ready to bring on a new senior executive, call us because we can help you sort out the options.

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