Real Estate Investments

Because of the PCM custodial relationship with Folio Institutional, PCM has access to commercial real estate private offerings, on the Folio platform.

PCM may also act directly as an advisor to a commercial real estate firm in raising capital under Reg D Rule 506c, commonly called accredited investor crowdfunding.

PCM generally prefers to invest in offerings packaged as a Special Purpose Entity, (SPE) that has multiple real estate properties.

Real estate investments tend to be illiquid. They are best suited for investors looking for a long term investment.

If your asset allocation results indicate a preference for real estate investments, we can assist you in making those investments.

Your real estate securities would be held in computer book entry form at Folio, along with the other securities that PCM manages.

Generally, you would not pay a retail commission to Folio to buy the securities, but Folio will apply certain types of transaction fees and holding fees to hold the securities in your account.

Unless the real estate security has a public market price, PCM would not charge an on-going advisory fee for holding the securituy in your account at Folio.

Please call PCM at 919 975 4856 to discuss your interest in private real estate investments.