Myrtle Beach/Brunswick Economic Forum

The new Standard Metro Area that combines the counties of Horry and Brunswick does not yet have a civic or professional association that addresses a unified economic growth strategy.

Each month, the new Myrtle Beach/Brunswick Economic Forum will address a topic related to economic growth of the MBB SMA.

Focus on technology and entertainment industry firms.

The focus of the MBB will be different than the existing emphasis on industrial recruitment.

Our focus is on how to help existing companies and new ventures be more successful. We are interested in strengthening the income and employment linkages in the two-county regional economy.

The new group will focus on the types of business and professional infrastructure needed to stimulate home-grown technology and entertainment industry firms.

Four main types of infrastructure will be addressed:

  1. The Labor Market Infrastructure. The high skill apprenticeship training required in selected technology and entertainment occupations.
  2. The high school math, science, and technology courses in a new, proposed cross-border STEM high school that serves students from both North Carolina and South Carolina, located along the border.
  3. The capital market infrastructure to finance the initial and on-going  local business growth.
  4. The professional service infrastructure that supports the media and entertainment industry, similar to the music and film support infrastructure in Nashville.

At each monthly meeting, we provide time for new venture presentations for companies in the two counties. We do not charge the company a fee to make a presentation.


Pre-registration for the monthly event is required because the facility is limited to a fixed number of guests. Generally, there is a $10 fee at the door to defray the costs of rent and refreshments at the event.

We use Meetup as our admin tool to register for our events.

Local banks, commercial real estate firms and tourist-related firms are invited to sponsor each event by providing refreshments for the guests.

For information and questions, contact Laurie Thomas Vass 919 975 4856.