Raise Capital Now

If you are ready to raise capital, then we have the right tools to raise capital now.

We provide guidance and advice to technology companies and real estate development firms on raising either equity or debt, or the most recent development in securities, the certificates of revenue participation.

We provide advice for either Reg A or Reg D private placements.

We implement a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy to attract potential investors to your new investor relations web page, that we create and host for you during the offering period.

Part of our overall strategy involves putting the CEO and senior managers out on the road to do presentations in order to sell their securities. This CEO selling strategy is called a direct corporate private offering, and the CEO becomes the company’s greatest stock sales person.

Another part of the selling strategy is to use our network of broker/dealers to distribute your securities to their internal pool of accredited investors.

You can see the chronology of tasks for a CEO during the offering period here.

Potential accredited investors are attracted to your offering through internet marketing and promotion, and begin their investigation on your company Investor Relations page.

Unlike the older venture capital model, in our strategy there is no back-and-forth negotiations with investors. They either like the deal and invest, or they move on down the road.

Visit our accredited investor crowdfunding website, Business Capital Advice.

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