Private Technology Stocks

Our clients have access to the same type of biotech and info tech private investments as venture capitalists.

One of our back-office custodians, Folio Institutional, offers a platform for private companies to raise private capital.

When we investigate the universe of private stocks available at Folio, we apply the same theoretical methods to private stocks that we apply to the public technology stocks.

If your asset allocation results describe the ability to tolerate the risk of private investments, we can select private offerings for your investment account that we manage for you.

Generally, you will not pay a retail commission to invest in a private offering, but you will be charged a fee by Folio for handling the transaction and for holding the security in your account.

Unless the private security has a public price attached to it, then PCM will not charge an asset management fee to you for holding the security in your account.

If PCM is acting as an investment advisor to a company to help the company raise capital, we will disclose this relationship to you, prior to any transaction involving that company.


If your company is raising capital, then please visit our accredited investor crowdfunding website, Business Capital Advice.

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