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The Private Capital Market website is part of a network of internet sites designed to help real estate and technology company executives manage their technology investment projects. This PCM  website describes the marketplace of services for raising capital capital, and also for managing technology investment portfolios.

The other websites in the network are:

Business Capital Advice, that describes the management guidance services provided to help a company raise capital.

The Capital Exchange Network, that offers media services to companies and a platform to help new venture teams launch a new venture.

The Private Capital News Network, that offers a media outlet for news about accredited investor crowdfunding.

The entire network of web sites is designed to provide an automated and online set of services, ending in an online escrow closing.

The Private Capital Market offers a complete, comprehensive set of financial services to help a technology or real estate firm raise private capital. Part of the value of our services is integrating the work of other professionals into a logical sequence of events to make the job of issuing securities easier for the CEO.

The other great value of our services is working with the technology or real estate executives to create the right set of securities to issue to investors.

We manage the entire offering of securities, under the rules of either Red D Rule 506(c), or Reg A, on behalf of the company. Companies retain us under the terms and conditions of our investment advisory agreement. We charge an investment advisory fee of 3%, due on the day of closing.

The Private Capital Market is owned by Laurie Thomas Vass, a regional economist and registered investment advisor representative of Investment Management & Insurance Advisors, Inc., a North Carolina registered investment advisory firm.

As an independent investment advisor to technology companies, Vass has been providing investment advice to CEOs on private placements since 1988.

Vass is a professional money manager, and is the inventor and holder of a research method patent on selecting technology stocks for investment. “Method of identifying a universe of stocks for inclusion into an investment portfolio. Vass, US 7251627 B1.”

Her portfolio investment performance was audited by an outside CPA firm, according to the standards set by AIMR, over a ten-year period of time prior to obtaining her patent, to verify the credibility of her investment methodology.

She was cited by Peter Tanous, in The Wealth Equation, (1999), as one of the top 100 private money managers in the nation.

In addition to being a licensed investment advisor, Vass is also licensed in North Carolina as a property, casualty, life and health insurance agent, and is a North Carolina real estate broker.

Part of her mission is to use her skills to integrate the financial needs and goals of the family of the CEO with the goals of the company in raising capital, and to coordinate those goals with the estate settlement strategy of the CEO.

Estate Planning for Technology Executives Engaged in Crowdfunding: Where Estate Planning for CEOs Meets Section 4(A)(2) and Regulation D Rule 506(C)


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Social Science Research Network Ranks N. C. Investment Banker LaurieThomas Vass In Global Top 1.4%, Out of 313,508 Economic Scholars

Vass writes about regional capital markets and regional economic growth



July 4, 2016

Raleigh, N. C.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN.com), the world’s largest repository of scholarly economic articles, with articles from over 313,000 economists, and more than 1.7 million users, announced its mid-year 2016 rankings for article downloads on their academic platform.

In his report, Michael C. Jensen, the Chairman of Social Science Research Network, stated that as of July 3, 2016, out of 313,508 authors, Vass ranked 4,504 for article downloads based upon 6,571 downloads.

The summary of article abstracts have been viewed over 45,000 times.


Your Publicly Available (Scholarly and Other Papers) and Privately Available Papers on SSRN as of 03 July 2016 have:




About Laurie Thomas: Vass is a capital market advisor to technology and commercial real estate companies who are raising capital.  She is a North Carolina state-registered investment advisor, and manages The Private Capital Market, a capital services marketplace.