Our Investment Management Services

The Private Capital Market manages the assets in family and business investment accounts.

The management goals for investment performance are customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our competitive advantage:

We are the inventors and holders of an investment method patent entitled “Method of identifying a universe of stocks for inclusion into an investment portfolio.” (U. S. Patent 7251627B1, Vass, 2007). The investment performance of the patent was audited by outside CPAs for a period of 10 years, to confirm and verify the validity of the method.

Our investment method:

Each client fills in an Investment Policy Statement, which establishes the asset allocation and performance goals for the account.

The IPS becomes a part of the investment advisory agreement that forms the contractual relationship between the client and PCM.

All account asset allocations begin with the assumption of a balanced portfolio of:

  • 33% investment grade corporate bonds and preferred stocks
  • 33% government bonds
  • 33% technology stocks

To the extent that the client IPS calls for less risk, the asset allocation is shifted to the PCM Income Allocation.

To the extent that the IPS calls for greater risk, the asset allocation is shifted to the PCM Equity-Income Allocation.

Account administration:

We charge an annualized asset management fee of 3%, of the assets under management in each account. One quarter (25%), of the annualized  fee is deducted from the account on a quarterly basis.

Accounts are held at one of two account custodians, either Folio Institutional or TD Ameritrade Institutional. PCM does not take custody of any client assets, but manages the assets for each client at the account custodian.