We Provide Professional Personalized Private Wealth Management

The Private Capital Market is a professional wealth management firm

We manage your family or business investment accounts.

  • We offer investments in public technology stocks.
  • We offer investments in private technology stocks.
  • We offer investments in commercial real estate projects.

Our competitive strength is our understanding of technology innovation.

If you select PCM to manage your investments, you would hold your assets in one of our two back-office custodians:

  1. Folio Institutional
  2. TD Ameritrade Institutional

We begin our relationships with new clients with an asset management selection questionnaire that helps you to identify the right asset mix for your account.

We use the results of the questionnaire to set the investment performance goals of your account, These goals become a part of your investment advisory agreement, so that you can continually judge our performance against your goals.

We offer three categories of asset allocation. We select the individual securities in your account to match your goals Please visit the tab under asset allocation to learn more.

  1. The PCM Income Asset Allocation is for retired clients who need a stable source of income and little risk. The asset allocation for the Income accounts is 40% corporate bonds, 40% government bonds, and 20% technology stocks.
  2. The PCM Balanced Asset Allocation is for clients who have 10 years before they need to begin drawing retirement income. The Balanced allocation is 33% corporate bonds, 33% government bonds, and 33% technology stocks.
  3. The PCM Equity-Income Allocation is for clients who can take a little more risk. The allocation is 20% corporate bonds, 20% government bonds, and 60% technology stocks.

We charge an asset management fee of 3% of the assets under management, billed quarterly. Please read a copy of our ADV disclosure document for all of our fees and credentials.

Investment advisory services of PCM are offered through Investment Management & Insurance Advisors, Inc,, a North Carolina state registered investment advisory firm.

PCM and IM&I are owned by Laurie Thomas Vass, an investment advisory representative of IM&I.

We also help private companies and real estate firms raise private capital. If your company is contemplating raising capital, then please call us to discuss your goals.

919 975 4856