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This website offers a management tool to assist a company in conducting either a Reg D Rule 506c or Reg A private placement.

Companies have their own membership admin panel to upload documents and manage relationships with potential accredited investors.

 Potential investors have their own admin panel to work their way through different levels of documents, and confirm that they are ready to make an investment.

Investors leave this website and go to a third party vendor to confirm their status as an accredited investor, and the escrow and closing occurs online at a third party escrow agent.

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Established Company New Member Registration
Your software subscription for the established company license lasts for 6 months and costs $ 1349, which includes one hour of free account setup assistance.
Your account contains five password protected levels where you upload important documents about your offering.
Investor request your authoriztion to enter level one of your admin portal to begin their due diligence.
Startup Company New Member Registration
Your software subscription for the startup company license lasts for 6 months and costs $  949, which includes one hour of free account setup assistance.
Startup company accounts have two password protected levels to store important documents about the offering.
Investors request your authorization to enter level one, where they begin their due diligence.
New Investor Member Registration
Become a new investor member of The Private Capital Market
Investors begin their due diligence of a company on this website by opening an investor account. The account is free.
The first step in the process, after registration, is to assign the company to your accuont, and request authoriztion to enter level one, where documents about the offering are stored.
If you continue to be interested in making an investment, this website will direct you to a third party investor verification website, where you will confirm your credentials.
Company Investor Relations Portal Registration
After your offering closes, you can purchase a one year software license to use the investor relations module  for a total $ 1349, which includes one hour of free account set up.

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How PCM Works To Help You Manage Your Private Placement
The Private Capital Market website is one important component of helping a technology CEO manage either a Reg D or Reg A private placement.
The company's admin panel allows the CEO to manage investor relations with multiple accredited investors, who may be investigating the company offering.

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Welcome To The Private Capital Market Website
Private Placement Services For Growth Companies
The Private Capital Market website is designed as a management tool to help a company manage a Reg D Rule 506(c) or a Reg A private placement.

In addition to this website, we offer an extensive set of marketing and management tools to drive investors to your company website. The CEO can pick and choose the options that fit the company's needs and budget for raising capital.


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An Online Automated Closing
We use outside thrid party escrow agents to close our private placements. Company CEOs open the escrow account, and deposit the security subscription agreement.

Prior to the date of closing, we can assist the company in obtaining a CUSIP identification number.

The subscription agreement signatures are e signed.

On the day of closing, capital leaves the investor account, and transfers to the company account.
The securities leave the company account, and are transferred in computer, book-entry form, to the investor accounts.

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919 975 4856.

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Untitled document Technology Growth Companies Need Capital

Both the new Reg A and the new Reg D Rule 506(c) allow companies to advertise and market to find accredited investors.

We combine our due diligence website with extensive marketing and management services to drive potential investors to you own company investor relations page, that we manage and host for you during the offering period.

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After you raise capital, keep your investors and bankers fully informed about your financial progress
The Private Capital Market Investors Relations Portal


The PCM investor relations portal allows companies to make periodic, private updates to investors, bankers and other interested parties that you choose to grant access

Promote Your Offering to Find Accredited Investors

The new method of finding investors requires a new type of media relations and public adviertising to attract potential investors at the very front end of your capital raise.

The investors who are solicited on the internet need a place to land on your website to learn more about your company, and we create and host the IR page for you during the six month offering period.

After potential investors land on your investor relations page, on your company website, they come to this website to conduct due diligence.

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Obtaining a Business Loan To Finance Your Capital Raise
Your company will have upfront costs to prepare your offering documents and conduct your offering.

We estimate that your out-of-pocket costs to conduct a Reg D offering could be around $ 35,000.

We estimate that your costs to conduct a Reg A offering could be around $ 75,000.

We can assist you in obtaining a crowdlending business loan to finance the costs of your Reg D or Reg A offering.
Call us at 919 975 4856 to dsicuss this option.
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