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This website offers a management tool for a company to conduct a private placement.

Companies have their own membership admin panel to upload documents and manage relationships with potential accredited investors. The subscription fee for a company to use the software is for a six month term.

Investors request authorization from the company to enter the different levels of documents on the company admin portal.

Investors have their own membership admin panel to review documents and manage their relationships with companies that they are investigating.

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Promote Your Offering on the Private Capital News Network

We own and manage The Private Capital News Network© (PCNN),

The new method of finding investors requires a new type of media relations and public adviertising to attract potential investors.

We created PCNN ais a news and information channel that combines radio, television and interactive websites, where companies can promote themselve on the intertnet to find investors.

Your company can use the marketing services of PCNN to attract potential accredited investors.

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Established Company New Member Registration
Your software subscription for the established company license lasts for 6 months and costs $ 1349, which includes one hour of free account setup assistance.
Startup Company New Member Registration
Your software subscription for the startup company license lasts for 6 months and costs $  949, which includes one hour of free account setup assistance.
New Investor Member Registration
Become a new investor member of The Private Capital Market

Company Investor Relations Portal Registration
You can purchase a one year software license to use the investor relations module  for a total $ 1349, which includes one hour of free account set up.

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Welcome To The Private Capital Market Website
Private Placement Services For Growth Companies
Untitled document The Private Capital Market website is designed as a management tool to help a company manage a Reg D Rule 506(c) private placement.

The website makes the management of issuing securities easier for the company by providing an administrative portal to communicate, in private, with multiple investors.


The website  also allows potential accredited investors a platform to investigate your company offering.

This website would be categorized as an accredited investor crowdfunding platform.

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Companies Have A Better Method of Raising Capital
Designed for Technology Growth Companies That Need Growth Capital
The new Reg D Rule 506(c) allows companies to advertise and market to find accredited investors.

In the new method, the company creates its own securities and issues them directly to investors.
  • The company can issue all forms of capital to be raised, including loans and commercial finance.
  • The company always controls who has access to sensitive company documents, and can remove a potential investor from the private portal at any time.
  • The company has its own unique administrative portal where it uploads documents and manages private communications with potential sources of capital.
  • After the offering period is over, the company has the option to open up an investor relations module to keep private investors and stakeholders fully and fairly informed about the company's progress.

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A Lower Cost, Less Complex Solution For Startup Companies
For Entrepreneurial Technology Companies
We help startup technology companies, (generally SIC 25 – 38, 48, 73 and 87) raise capital with the new accredited investor crowdfunding method.
  • Startups can now combine the new social media marketing and traditional public relations so that all categories of investors can conduct their own self-guided due diligence, at their own pace.
  • Companies can retain PCM to manage the entire process of raising capital.
Your Potential Investors Use PCM To Conduct Their Due DIligence on Your Offering
All Categories of Capital Can Join The Private Capital Market For Free

We created an online software tool  to help investors keep track and manage their investigation of your deal.


Unlike other website portals, where one size fits all, our model is tailored made for your own unique investors. We are not trying to get the most investors to sign up, we only want the investors who are interested in your offering.


Our website software is designed to assist all forms of capital investment, including commercial loans, debt and equity to conduct their investigation of the investment opportunity.


As a result of your marketing efforts on the internet to attract interest, the PCM website allows multiple investors, all of whom may be at different levels of investigation, to conduct their investigation, while you continue to run your company.


We welcome your investors to join PCM.


Click here  to join the Private Capital Market, and get started on discovering a whole new universe of capital market investments

After you raise capital, keep your investors and bankers fully informed about your financial progress
The Private Capital Market Investors Relations Portal


The PCM investor relations portal allows companies to make periodic, private updates to investors, bankers and other interested parties that you choose to grant access

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